What is the activity board room and how to install it

Summary: First ,What is the activity board room? Activity board room is a kind of light steel as the skeleton, with sandwich pane...

First ,What is the activity board room?
Activity board room is a kind of light steel as the skeleton, with sandwich panels for the enclosure material, the standard modular series of space combination, the components of the bolt connection, the new concept of environmentally friendly economic housing. The activities of the board room can be quickly and easily assembled and demolished, to achieve the temporary standardization of temporary buildings, and establish a green energy, efficient and efficient architectural concept, so that temporary housing into a series of development, integrated production, supporting the supply Inventory and can be used several times the use of stereotypes products.
   Second, the activities of the board room installation method:
The activities of the board room and building almost, will be around and the foundation of the wall leveling, it is best to use reinforced concrete, can also be used 24 wall brick, more solid; and then pillars, with the beam will be linked to the skeleton, Wall panels and doors and windows; then install the floor purlin, install the stairs, shop floor, and then put a layer of upward, and then on the roof truss and roof panels; the final installation of doors and windows, pull vertical support. There is sanitary ware, ah, hardware and the like.
   In fact, this is the light steel structure, and the heavy steel structure is very similar to the activities of housing concealed works refers to the construction process, after the completion of a process, will be covered by the next process, all completed after the inspection can not do, House decoration, "hidden project" is the key, if the "hidden project" is not done, the surface was so beautiful decoration, but also in vain.
    "Hidden project" can be divided into water installation, electrical installation and moisture, water and other projects. Each of which can not be ignored, if any link is a problem, may bring serious economic losses, and even harm to personal safety. Waterproof construction of the construction process and material identification, to avoid unnecessary economic losses and injuries.